The HOPE Paper Pumpkin Kit — On Sale NOW For EVERYONE, not just Subscribers!

The Hope Box Paper Pumpkin Kit was inspired by Stampin’ Up! cofounder, Shelli Gardner, whose vision was to add more hope into the world—a goal that needs the help of our global Stampin’ Up! community to complete. So, get ready to empower yourself and others with the Hope Box Paper Pumpkin Kit! This one-of-a-kind Paper Pumpkin kit includes enough supplies to create nine encouraging cards and coordinating envelopes in an inspiring color palette and a specially designed Hope Box!

Due to a glitch in Stampin’ Up!’s system, customers were unable to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin’s Shelli Hope Box between July 31–August 5. They are sorry for any inconvenience that caused, but they would like to make it up to you! Until August 31, they will be offering the Shelli Hope Box to all North American customers, regardless of subscription!

Yes, that means until August 31, you DO NOT have to be a Paper Pumpkin subscriber to get this BEAUTIFUL kit! The price is only $19 plus shipping and tax — you could not BUY these NINE beautiful cards in a store plus the pretty box for $19!!  I made the original cards from the kit, and you can see them pictured above. They didn’t take long to make at all, and they’re so GORGEOUS! Here are the samples I made!

Click HERE to order your HOPE box today, before supplies run out, and remember, this is NOT a subscription, but a great way for you to try out the Paper Pumpkin kits with NO commitment!

The Hope Box is designed to be a keepsake box—keep mementos of cherished memories or reminders of what’s yet to come. Collect treats and trinkets that represent what hope means to you and look inside for inspiration or share it with a friend who could use some uplifting!What will you put in your Hope Box? Letters, song lyrics, inspiring quotes, and photographs are powerful reminders of hope and connection—and great additions to a Hope Box. For more inspiration on how to build your Hope Box, watch Shelli herself put one together in this video.

You can purchase the whole kit for only $19 (plus shipping & tax), but you’ll need to HURRY! It’s only available to non-subscribers until THIS Tuesday! You can see everything that comes in the kit below. And YES, that includes an Ink Spot, and and entire stamp set!

If you’re needing some inspiration or ideas for what to put in your Hope Box, here are some of the things Stampin’ Up! co-founder, Shelli Gardner, put in hers! Make sure to watch the video to see Shelli’s Hope Box fully assembled!
*A hand stamped notebook that includes favorite quotes, scriptures, and songs.
*Photos of friends and family out in nature as a reminder of the time have spent together.
*A heart-shaped cookie cutter which represents good-hearted people who express kindness.
*A gratitude rock—a reminder to practice to practice gratitude.
*Lavender bath salts for well-deserved late-night baths.
*A bookmark that represents books about leadership and healthy living, and books like the scriptures.
*Chocolate-covered caramels for those times when a little comfort food is needed.
*Cards received from family members that are reminders of love.
*A placard from a gifted pearl necklace as a reminder to do hard things gracefully.

Click HERE to order your HOPE box today, before supplies run out, and remember, this is NOT a subscription, but a great way for you to try out the Paper Pumpkin kits with NO commitment!

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