The new Batter Up! Paper Pumpkin Kit for only $5!!

Step up to the plate, take a swing, and knock it out of the park! With the Batter Up! Paper Pumpkin Kit, it’s your turn to go to bat for all the people who’ve gone to bat for you.
This month’s timeless kit with a “throwback” theme contains enough grand slam supplies to create nine cards—and coordinating envelopes—featuring classic colors, pinwheel and pinstripe patterns, and vintage-washed paper pieces. There’s no “batter” way to root, root, root for your home team and honor the all-stars in your life!

A beloved baseball-themed kit would be incomplete without the sport’s signature, sticky snack—the official bubble gum of the MLB! A favorite in the field, the Batter Up! Paper Pumpkin Kit contains a couple sticks of the chewy staple; chew while you craft, slide a piece into a card, or save it for later.

Subscribing to Paper Pumpkin is so fun! Once this month has passed, you can continue with your subscription for only $22 a month, which includes shipping! Or you can cancel, suspend, or skip a month! I LOVE getting my kit in a box every month…and each month, we get a little preview to see if it’s something we’re interested in! GIVE IT A TRY! YOU’VE NOTHING TO LOSE!

Subscribe as a NEW Paper Pumpkin customer staring May 7th for $5 which includes shipping. That easy! Don’t forget to add the CODE below when you subscribe and you can do this from May 7th to May 10th only! CLICK ON THE CODE UNDER THIS PHOTO!
Click HERE to subscribe

Watch this video, just for fun!

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